More Home and Garden

I have some more items to show you from the Home and Garden Expo.  There are some from Hope 7which is the sim I was allocated to blog, and some from Hope 3.  I have a mix of items with some full perm examples and ready-to-go items for you to grab.

DATSI Mesh - Inflatable Children's Chair 4 Mesh Model,  Inflatable Children's Chair 2 Mesh Model
Serendipity Designs - Cabarita Bench (H3)

DATSI Mesh - Pool Setting Display, Round Beach Chair, Toy Submarine Mesh Model, Pool Chair with Pillow Mesh Model (H3)
[Daydreamers] - Swing Chair (H7)

Dragon Pavilion - Garden Folly (H7)
DATSI Mesh - Square Rock  Pool (H3)


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