Chic As

Oh my my, I am loving this outfit from La Gazza Ladra, which is good because they are a new addition to the stores we blog for.  I have blogged their items as part of On9 so was rapt to have the opportunity to blog all their other items as well.  Very exciting.

The outfit is for The Instruments event and I have combined the Francomania Top in Olive with the Francomania Black Wrinkled Pants.  I have even added the Callisteia Shoes from BASTA! in Charcoal which is a new store release.  Yummy!

The poses I have used today are from XXY and are called Tres Chic.  You can nab these at The 100 Block, but don't take too long or you will miss out!  You can also stop by the [ bubble ] stand at grab the Chevron Bracelets.  Great item to add to any outfit!  And don't leave the Block yet because you have to get this* LOULOU&CO * Necklace called Mala.  I am wearing the multicolor one in metal.  3 stops at one event?  Easy shopping!

My hair today is from Wasabi Pills and is the lovely Celine.  I love this funky, mussed do!

And I had to take these pics here outside my new house...


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