Just got out of the Big House after a stretch and have no idea where to go or what to do.  Where do I find Andy Dufresne?  What was the name of that place across the border?  Why don't I listen?

While I ponder these questions you can check out the clothing I am wearing.  The best thing about some of the items I am showing you is they are free, and not in a 'five-finger discount' kinda way.  They are part of the Men Only Hunt 7 (This link leads to hints).  I have teamed them up with a sneak preview of the new round of Men Only Monthly.  I won't tell if you don't.

Hat:  PBM - Mens [Cabby Hat] Woolknit - neat (MOH7)
Beard:  Nivaro - 3rd Gen Beard - WarriorStubble (Hard) - brown (MOH7)

Poses:  .Swirl Poses. - Chris (MOH7)
Pants:  [AR2 Style] - Funky Jeans (MOH7)


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