Bridge to Nowhere

There is a road to nowhere, according to the song, so I am guessing there may be a bridge to nowhere somewhere.  In fact, I have one right here.  It is just a gorgeous bridge that may serve a purpose, like crossing a stream, or can just look divine, like this one.

This bridge is from *CHEZ MOI* and is called Iron Garden Bridge Serenity.  There is another called Nature and both are at Lost & Found.

Dress:  MSS Verona Dress - Tea Rose (On9)
Shoes:  ::SlackGirl:: Navigate (On9)
Hair:  [elikatira] - Enjoy (On Sale!)

Had to give you another photo to get the full extent of the loveliness of this bridge.  Poses are included and you can access ones for girls, girls or love.  Oh, my!


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