Getting Rid of Stuff

Now you know me (well, ya do if you have read for a while) and you also know I am not a huge fan of gachas.  However, sometimes they are a necessary evil so I can get items I want, even I do it with much sighing, moaning and the odd curse word thrown in.

With that in mind I have decided to have a clean out so if you are a gacha junkie, listen up.

I have a gacha area with my friend, Kav, where I have put out some very recent items including a gorgeous cafe (RARE) from Schultz Bros.  These are set at diff prices, but less that pull price (well, except for the cafe) although I am willing to negotiate.  You will also find items from the latest round of Whimsical from Artisan Fantasy if you so need them.


I just wanna get rid of it all so make me an offer on anything!


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