Hero or Villain?

I just saw 'Captain America:  Civil War' and loved it, so felt like adding a comic book vibe to my post today.  I am not sure what side this chick is on, but I will be on her side!  Looks like she can kick butt and look fab doing it.

Top:  [American Bazaar] - Look at me Top Red (The Dark Style Fair)
Skirt:  [American Bazaar] - Ygritte Skirt Dark Plaid (TDSF)
Shoes:   [creepy Twins] Slink Laced Heels - Yin (Thrift Shop 13.0)
Leg Straps:  *Never Wish* - Heart Leg Straps - Pastel (TTS 13.0)
Piercings:  ~Tantalum~Abbey Eyebrow Piercings and Caye Nose Piercing (TTS 13.0)
Jewellery:  *AvaWay* Red LADYBUG Jewelry Set (On9)
Tattoo:  PMS - Night Owl Tattoo (TTS 13.0)


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