I am continuing with the On9 items today because they are just so gosh-darn good!  Excuse the strong language there but I wanted to put as much emphasis on this event as I can.  It is a top SL event and I hope people are catching on!

Outfit:  Wicca's Wardrobe - Sayomi - Red (On9)
Shoes:  JamBee > Shoes > Xiuying Dragon Wedges (On9)
Tattoos:  .::Nanika::.Zara tattoo Henna (On9)
Poses:  Pink Insidious- Lewd (New Release)

Hair:  *TUKINOWAGUMA* - Irena (The Chapter Four)
Flower:  TRUTH HAIR - Gold Flower - tintable colour (Indie Teepee Gift)


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