Your Move

I have a confession.  It has to do with setting up this board.  I had to Google how to set up a chess board as I am hopeless at this particular game.  Too much forward thinking and strategy for me.  However, this particular chess board is more to my liking.  I just get to hang about and pose!

The set is from Nantra Poses and it is a gacha set called Pawnography (snicker) at Gacha Guardians.  The pieces have poses in them so you don't need the whole set to pose, but you are going to want to collect them all anyway.  Poses for guys and girls too.

My outfit is perfect for playing games and hanging about at the beach.  It is from La Gazza Ladra and is at The Chapter Four.  I am wearing the Oryx Run in Kiwi Pattern Skirt and the Strap Top in Kiwi Uni.  I had to wear kiwi cos...well, you know...Aryaland.

My Zhang Flower Platform Sandals are from [MODA] and you can run to On9 to get these.  While you are at On9 grab this gorgeous *Tukinowaguma* Ferdinand A hair.  Stunning.


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