Little House

Home and garden items today from three fab designers:  Serenity Style, *CHEZ MOI* and Little Branch.  I am so honoured that I get to blog for them.

These top three photos show the exclusive gacha items from Serenity Style for the upcoming round of The Crossroads which starts on August 3rd.  It is the Country Val Gacha Collection and comes with the pieces you see here including the house which is the RARE, the shutters, the apple basket, the cupboard, the table, the stool, the vessels and the bed.

In the top photo I used items from Little Branch including the HoneyMesquite trees, the rounded field of Daisies and the Wild Grass along the side.

I tried to do this great table setting from *CHEZ MOI* inside but it needed more light so I dragged it outside and gave it a garden setting.  I think it does just as well out as it does inside!

The Tropical Dining Set will be available for the next round of BUY NOW which opens on the 1st of August.  It comes with the table and bench seat, chairs, vases, candle and place settings which you use to rez your food.  You can choose from breakfast, dinner and dessert options.  Easy and no washing up after!


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