Have been having some SL issues of late.  More than the usual.  I am having problems with items not unattaching or relogging and finding myself wearing 3 pairs of shoes and 6 pairs of jeans or putting an outfit on then going to take photos and suddenly the outfit detaching and finding myself wearing the last lot of clothes I had on or just naked.  Last night I had a new problem:  I would take an item off and EVERY other article I had on would also come off.  I gave up in the end in frustration.

I have logged a bug but sadly is an issue that I will have to deal with for a bit.  Until it gets resolved I will do my best to keep going, but I will admit that some days I just give up and log out, so please bear with me if my posts get a little erratic.

In the meantime I went a hunting yesterday and I didn't shoot a thing!  Pacifist.  I was on the Men Only Hunt 8 and it is a good'un.  Easy to grab the hunt hud (HERE) which comes with the hints and LMs and get out there and discover some new stores along the way.

Boots:  7mad;Ravens Male SLINK Clean Brown Boots (MOH8)
Pants:  OUTLIER.// Moto Biker Chinos_BLUE (Men Only Monthly)
Sweater/Scarf:  [American Bazaar] Native Sweater (MOH8)
Poses:  grafica ~ tanau (MOH8)

Glasses:  [Z O O M] Grinn Glasses (MOM)
Chapped Lips:  [Hipster Style] Chapped Lips (MOH8)
Earmuffs:  PBM Mens [Ear Warmers] (MOH8)
Skin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - Gabriel B3 Steam brow v1 SMOOTH HB


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