Deer Oh Deer

So, I got bored waiting for Arya and wandered off to do these photos.  Never fear, however, I will get her when she least expects it.  *Maniacal laugh*.

On a serious note though I would like to tell all my fellow-Aryalanders to stay safe and kia kaha (stay strong). It has been a rough week for us in the top of the South Island but worse for those on the east coast.  We are all thinking of you and it is awesome to see your 'can do' spirit coming through.  Aroha.

And, back in SL, Men Only Monthly starts on the 20th and here are a pile of great items to get you salivating (if fashion is your thing...).  In fact, everything I am sporting today is from MOM.

Sweater:  .:PARKER:.-Hudson Sweater.
Pants: .:PARKER:.-Hudson Pants.
Poses:  grafica ~ cariad

Hat and Headphones:  .:PARKER:.  Headset and Winter hat. Grey
Glasses:  MINIMAL - Ranger Glasses


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