In the Apartment

I got this cool skybox in a gacha.  I did pretty well actually since this was a rare.  Managed to pick up some bits to go in it too with only 1 repeat.  Bonus.  Anyway, it seemed like a good spot to set up some great home items.

Great lot of items from a variety of events and stores.

Kitchen:  *CHEZ MOI* - Industrial Kitchen (BUY NOW)
Bucket:  %Percent - Marcello Ice Bucket Open (cream) *MESH* (New Release - comes in variety of colours and closed version too.

Gift and Wrapping Set:  Serenity Style - Give a Gift Gacha (Crossroads)

Plant and Cube Set:   [Chic buildings] Cube Display - Rust, Cubed Planter and Foliage Rust (On9)

Skybox and Furniture:  BUENO-No Worries Skybox -Rare, Fall Chair -Brown, Fall Chair -Cream, Fall Rug Stripes, Fall Rug Lines, Fall Rug Triangles, Standup Player-Wood (Epiphany)
Fruitbowl:  *Atomic Faery* 12 Dancers Fruit Bowl (The Challenge)


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