Well I have gone and done it.  Yep.  Finally got me a mesh head.  I waited til the Bento ones came out so I can at least alter it to look a bit more like me.  This is the look before I mess around with it.  It is the shape and look that comes with the head which is Akeruka's Elen.

I looked at a whole heap and decided I liked this one the best.  Actually, it was a toss up between this and another brand, but since this one was CONSIDERABLY cheaper, even with the animation hud, it was an easy decision.

Will keep you posted on changes I make to head.  At the moment she looks like a stranger...

Hoodie and Tank:  Ducknipple - Vest vs1, Tanktop - White (New Release)
Jeans:  Ducknipple -  Flair Jeans v2 (Recent Release)

Eyewear:  HAYSURIZA - Eyewear - Nice - Silver (On9)
Hair:  MINA Hair - Anika


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