Burst of Colour

Feeling bright today.  Best thing is I am not worried about cars not seeing me and hitting me while I am on my bike.  Better than a fluro jacket and way more stylish.

I actually cheated on this outfit.  I got these outfits to blog and I mixed and matched them just to confuse you.  It also means, though, that I can show you a bit of each and cover all the bases.  Bonus for me.

The outfits and accessories are from an exclusive collection for the January 'Stuff Style salesroom, Urban Style.

"The Graffiti Bridge Collection (with a nod to the late Prince) exemplifies a wild urban energy, sexually daring and vibrantly energetic."

Pose:  Le Poppycock *Freewheeler* Dead Sailor
Top:  Robbie Roo's - Graffiti Gymboy Top
Shorts:  Robbie Roo's - Graffiti Skater Shorts
Boots:  Robbie Roo's - Graffiti Grunge Boots
Accessories:  Robbie Roo's - Graffiti Bridge - Ebony Eyeglasses, Leather Choker, Oversized Beanie, Sports Watch, Wrist Wrap
Sim:  La Digue du Braek


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