Under Cover

A friend of mine came into SL today.  I haven't seen her in a bit so we were catching up and chatting about Bento and mesh etc.  She had bought a Bento head and wanted a certain coloured hair base so I talked her through that and gave her the MP address for the Omega System applier for her head etc.  She finally got the colour of hairbase she wanted and so we got to talking about Mesh bodies and heads and hands and whatever else is out there Bento-wise.

The interesting thing was that we both agreed that it is all so complicated now.  It take so much longer to get ready for a photo shoot or an event that before.  I told her I feel like I am constantly juggling appliers.  I have one for my mesh body, one for hands, one for feet (although I guess having them separate is a personal choice) and one for my head.  I also have an Omega system applier for my body and a separate one for my head.  It makes me long for the days when I simply wore a skin and that was it.

My friend, Kav, also said this:
"For people who haven't come across the [mesh head/body/applier] system there are no clear instructions that assume the reader needs a step by step.  Even when there are instructions they assume previous knowledge that is also hard to get unless you are a long term and dedicated mesher."

I agree.  It is not a simple transition for those of us who are used to system skin etc.  I was lucky when I got my mesh body to have another friend to guide me through the process and help me out when needed.  She also sent me off to grab the Omega system for my body and I would never have known all that without her guidance.  (Thanks, Nan!)

The other thing I realised is that I will probably have to go and repurchase my hands and feet as the Bento version comes out and probably the same for my body (although since my mesh body is adaptable I will probably leave that 'until last).  That all adds up to Lindens and more Lindens.  Okay for some, but not affordable for many.

I also have found that I am unable to just leave my huds on as it means I am unable to rez quickly and for others to see me as more than a blue shadow-looking thing.  So it means huds off and on and off and on etc etc.

As a blogger I also have the problem of keeping track of what I have applied.  For example the other day I applied a lipstick and then didn't blog 'til the next day and had totally forgotten which lipstick I had applied.  I had to search though all the appliers to work out which one it was.  To combat this I now am doing daily 'Outfit' notecards so I can remember what skin or makeups or lashes I am wearing.  Gone are the days when I simply went to my outfit folder and looked at what I was wearing.

I don't know if any of you are feeling the same and perhaps it is easier when you are not having to change skins and clothes and hair etc on a daily basis, but apparently others have the same issue so I don't feel so bad.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else feels the same of has managed to simplify it somehow.  I would love to hear from you!

Whew!  With that off my chest, enjoy the pics and fab items!

Dress:  Apple Heart Inc. - Sweater Dress (New Release)
Shoes and Socks:  Ducknipple: Docs vs1 (Recent Release)
Poses:  Pink Insidious - Bitter

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - Flame - Sand (Recent Release)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Moira (Cosmetic Fair - opens Jan 15th)
Sim:  The Winter Forest


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