Winter Dip

Now, before you start in on me, I do know that this is not a pool for winter use, but it just looked so darn good on my snowy land that I just had to do the shots there.  I just made sense.  In my head it is a warm pool and I am enjoying the crisp winter air and the lovely hot bathing!

The pool is, of course, from Trompe Loeil and is the Belvish Pool.  It has loads of available categories of animations: Solo Sit, Solo Waterfall, Solo Swim, Couples and, if you have the Adult version, Couples A.  You can even set up the security system so you can choose who has authorisation to use the pool.  No nasty unwanteds messing up your water!

You can also texture change the pillows and cushion if you want to suit the look of your surround.  Make sure you are not sitting on it to access this menu.

You can find the pool at faMESHed.  Go and try the demo to see how awesome this is.

Great spot to hang out and watch the world go by or cuddle up with that someone special and stargaze!


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