Hip Hooray

We have been bad little bloggers this week.  I have been busy in RL with work and Arya has been busy in SL panicking about getting her Best of SL scene and article done.  Whatever the excuse we have neglected you but we are about to change all that and make it up to you, our delightful readers (see, a bit of sucking up there).

I am also excited to announce that the new round of Men Only Monthly draws nigh (20th) and I have some great stuff to get you over there banging on the doors ready to shop.  I also have an item from The Hipster Fair that will make you drop your turmeric latte, abandon your kale chips and have you racing over there as fast as your Prius will carry you.

Sweater and Tee:  KiB Designs - Ian Cardigan w/Shirt and Glasses on Head (THF)
Pants:  NOeditiON, Art - Doug Sweatpants - Red/Black (MOM)
Hair:  *Drot*-Tobi (MOM)
Watch:  The Oak - Post Minimal Chronograph Watch - Black and Silver (MOM)
Pose:  grafica ~ hutch (MOM)
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - ODIN B1 Caramel (New Release)


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