Maps Issues

So I am trying to find my way through the city but Maps is not playing the game.  How did I get where I am?  I need to look up more.  Lack of coffee is the issue.

Still, I may be horribly lost but at least I look good when I have no idea where I am.  Bonus!

My jacket and jeans are from a set from Dafnis called Odrhi and has a whole sexy casual vibe which I am loving.  The best thing about this set is that it will only be 5L at the upcoming Fashion Bloc Event that starts on March the 1st.

I teamed it up with this great pose from Image Essentials called Chic Traveller which you can find at The Hipster Fair.  It also comes with a camera that hangs around your neck, but I really wanted to show off the jacket so I took it off.

My skin, which I am loving, is from 7 Deadly Skins and is the gorgeous test skin in Cashew tone, a new colour for them.  GORGEOUS.  Will I ever take it off?  Who knows?

I grabbed the Oleander Minerva hair at Fifty Linden Friday a week back and it was just right for the look I had going here.  Make sure you join the group to be in the know for these great 50L bargains.


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