Green of Spring

Saw this gorgeous bikini and had to blog.  I just love the colour (it comes in more than just this colour, of course).  It is SO me.  And, because it is almost that day of the shamrocks, the green makeup was about and went well with the look too.  Spring is in SL, folks!  I can feel it in the air.

I also love this time because there is so much going on with St Patrick's Day and Easter and all the spring hoppiness. It is also when the designers come out of wherever they have been hibernating over winter and go CRAZY with all the great spring stuff they dish out!

Bikini:  [Aleutia] Moonsoul (On9)
Hair:  *TUKINOWAGUMA* Kanre (On9)
Poses:  Image Essentials - Viper (Designer Showcase)

Makeup:  Whymsical - St Patrick's Day Eyeshadows (St Patrick's Day Group Gift)
Tattoos:  Mad' - Margerita ArmTattoo (On9)


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