Highs and Lows

There are things in life that are so sad and there are things in life that are really annoying but don't rate up there with war and hunger.

Dropping an icecream, whilst annoying, is not life altering yet is still on the things that make me say "Doh!" scale.  It comes just below dropping coffee and right above accidentally touching chewed gum.

I am just glad that in these pics I am wearing clothes that make me smile.

Now, I know that one outfit does not normally warrant 3 photos, but they tell a story and I am in a storytelling mood today.  It shows the high and low of icecream purchasing.

The outfit is from Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos and is called the Women's Striped Fox Wild.  I feel very Where the Wild Things Are wearing it and I love it!

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - Wednesday - Cotton Candy (For Skin Fair 2017)
Poses:  [Lauria] Stay Cool Poses


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