Movie Time

Ssssssshhh!  I am trying to watch a movie.  I am kidding.  I don't have time to stop!  I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland and am going to disappear down a time hole any moment now!

I did want to show you this Palace Movie Theater from KraftWork, however, because it is just plain awesome and if you have land that needs a theatre then this is the MUST HAVE for you!

With this theatre you can invite a LOT of your friends over to watch a movie because the Movie Screen is just a prim. If you are using the mod version, you can delete it and add any movie/tv device you want!  

You can also change the wording above the concession stand just inside the door so that it shows whatever movie you are watching.  Easy!

I just added the cars outside from Consignment, the tulips from Bee Designs at On9 and the trees from Botanical to make it look authentic!


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