Nice Day for It

I am not sure any day is a nice day for running, but in SL you don't get hot, sweaty or puffed so I will go with it.

It is important, however, to look awesome while doing any exercise so I made sure I have all the right gears for this event.

Today I am styling items from 7 Deadly Skins, American Bazaar, Rebellion, Image Essentials and Damselfly.  A good mix if I do say so myself.

Top to Toe:
Hair:  Damselfly - Tristan
Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - FIER caramel smooth
Tank:  [American Bazaar] - Madrid Tank (Men Only Monthly)
Pants: [American Bazaar] - Him Sweats (MOM)
Pose:  Image Essentials - Running Man


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