Work and Rest

It is important to remember that we need rest so make sure if you are out in the garden this spring to take the time to smell the roses and have a nap!  Sleep is good for us so you can use that as an excuse.  If anyone asks tell them Arya said so!  That should do it.

Today I have some fab outdoorsy (or could be indoors if you are so inclined) items to show you from some fabo stores in SL"  Shutter Field, Decor Junction, CHEZ MOI and Bee Designs.  Yay!

Hammock:  Decor Junction + Shutter Field - Hammock - Light (On9)
Tulips:  Bee Designs - Tulips (On9)
Seat:  *CHEZ MOI* - Park Bench Rainbow (The Chapter Four)
Potting Table:  Decor Junction + Shutter Field - Potting Table - light wood (Tres Chic - Watering Can, pots and seed box NOT included)


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