Place to Retreat

Sometimes it is nice to have a place to go and just chill out.  Of course, when you are a blogger, I just end up setting it up then taking photos, but looks relaxing.  No time!

If you want a great little place this set if perfect.  The pavilion would be great as an outdoor retreat, office or even a wee home.

Pavilion:  Serenity Style - The Atlier Couture Pavilion (Shiny Shabby - see rest of set below)
Kettles and Bell:  Serenity Style- The Magic Alice Bell and Tea Time (On9)
Bench:  KraftWork - Bajio - Bench vs1.1

Chair, Books and Glasses:  Serenity Style-Rainy Day (The Liaison Collaborative)
And the Rest:  Serenity Style- The Atelier Couture Gacha (Shiny Shabby)


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