Sounds of Shade

As the weather grows warmer in SL (teehee) it is nice to seek out a shady spot to enjoy a good book and some great tunes.  Luckily I have created just the comfy spot with a view to match the feel goods!

The radio is KraftWork's Vintage Majestic Radio and comes with a scripted and unscripted version depending on whether you want it for looks or sounds.  You can find it at Cosmopolitan where it is part of a gacha set, but it doesn't really matter which radio you get as they are all super stylish.

The Tree Bench Lily seat is from CHEZ MOI and comes with a pile load of great poses for singles (male and female), some activity poses (including THE cutest bunny patting pose), some couples poses and, if you get the adult version, some poses for them too!  You can even colour change it so it fits any garden look.  Lovely!  This is also at Cosmopolitan.

The art on the tree (and btw I do NOT wish to promote sticking nails in trees in RL, but this is SL so I can if I wanna) is from Serenity Style and is from a gacha set called The Se7en Frames.  This one is called The Tree.  Seemed apt for the locale.  You can race on over to The Project Se7en to try your luck.


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