“Twoflower was a tourist, the first ever seen on the discworld. Tourist, Rincewind had decided, meant 'idiot'.” 

Every time I hear the word 'tourist' I think of this quote.  It spurs me not to be an idiot when I am being a tourist.  I love Terry Pratchett.  RIP.

Anyway, this outfit and the location gave me that 'on holiday' feel.  This little place I found is just perfect for those Mediterranean type shots and also has a beach area that I will return to when I need that kind of locale.  It is called Maison de L'amitie and is just lovely.

Outfit:  *Arcane Spellcaster*Ak-CreationsGinevra Beje (New Release)
Poses::Luane's World: - Be yourself (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  W:6 - Paula T-Bar Pumps Cream (The Thrift Shop)
Hair:  TUKINOWAGUMA -  Teike [B] (Tres Chic)
Bag:  *AGATA* Chelsea bag (Tres Chic)

Jewellery:  ERSCH - Hannah Set Silver (Tres Chic)
Eyes:  MESANGE - Iram Eyes (On9)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Maria (Applique)


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