Bottom of the Garden

I know I seem to be focusing on the outside areas of the RFL Home & Garden Expo but, believe me, there are so many amazing outdoor items this year that I couldn't leave them alone to not be seen.  If you are wanting to do a revamp of your land or home then the Expo is the place to go.  So many items and, of course, for a great cause.

I have included some other non-Expo items in here too as they fitted the scene and show that you can mix and match a whole heap of different items from a variety of stores and it all works.

The centrepiece for this garden is Sahi Designs:  Summer Picnic Garden Set (Hope 1).  It includes the main little house or shed, trees, wee animals, the barbecue set, picnic table and more.  Easy to rez and forms the base for your landscaping.  FUN!

Also I wanted to show some of the fab textures available at the Expo so I included a bit of a home-made washing line.  The textures on it are from Texture Me True and include an example from the following packs (left to right):  Soak up the Sun, Bouquet Bright and Florabunda Pale (Hope 2)

Whims-A-Plenty - Sweet Southern Nights, Wood Boho Stepping Stones (Hope 1)
[CIRCA] - "Chatelaine" Hibiscus Planter 2 - Contrast Mix (Hope 9)
[CIRCA] - "French Garden" Cuddle Blanket - Floral 2 (90 pos) PG (BUY NOW)
Thaino Designs - Mabel flower dresser (Hope 6)
Dixie Dandelion - DD Casey Wooden Wash Tub L (Hope 6)
The Olde Attic - Ye Olde Rose Cart (Hope 1)
[CIRCA] - "Sky Dreamer" Lounge Stump - Aqua/Lime Flr (Peach by Peace Hunt)
Front Trees:  La Luna - Nature & Art: Alder tree mesh LI 2 Size 5 meter (Hope 9)

House of Papillon - Moth Orchid Fairy Shelter - Green, Catnip Basket Fairy Shelter (Hope 4)
[CIRCA] - "Chatelaine" Hibiscus Planter - Contrast Mix (SWANK)
Whims-A-Plenty - Stone/Boho Stepping Stones (Hope 1)

Whims-A-Plenty - RFL Exclusive LiveLaughLove Planter (Hope 1)
[CIRCA] - "Chatelaine" Hibiscus Planter - Fairy Mix Hope 9)
Dreamscapes Decor - *Cleo* Cart, *Cleo* Crates H&G Expo Hunt Gift (Hope 6)
Thaino Designs - Mabel flower sink (Hope 6)
La Luna - Nature & Art: Fig tree mesh LI 3 Size 6.5 meter (Hope 9)
Exquisite Eye Decoration - FLOWERBED tra w BIRCH&HYDRANGEA (Hope 4)


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