In the Desert Sun

I was so excited to take photos of this house today that I went all out and decorated the land around it too.  I wanted to give it a desert feel.  I can just picture sitting on the patio watching the sunset over the mesas.  Bliss.

I have meshed a variety of objects from different stores and events so I hope I am able to tell you which is which so you know where to go and what to grab!

House:  Serenity Style - Alboran Summer House (Builders Box)
Stone Couch:  CHEZ MOI - Rock Couch Sienna (Cosmopolitan)
Cactus Planters:  {what next} Oasis Bloom - Tall Cactus Planter and Prickly Pear Cactus Planter (Collabor88)
Topiary Plants:  CHEZ MOI - Topiaries (The Gacha Garden)
Older Items I used for decoration:
Terracota Cactus:  Concept} 04. Visual Cactus
[ht] home - mesh - cactus
Little Branch - HoneyMesquite{4seasons}
Little Branch - Sunflowers{Field}

Dining Set:  CHEZ MOI - Heart Wrought Iron Patio Set (The Chapter Four)
Plant:  {what next} Oasis Bloom - Succulent Planter (Collabor88)
Wall Plants:  {what next} Wall Hanging Plants (Collabor88)

Desk Set:  Serenity Style-Inspired Space Set  (Deco(c)rate May)
Dolls:  Serenity Style- Emma Antique Dolls - Grey and Pink (The Crossroads)

Chair Set:  KraftWork - Fontainebleau Set - Bad Romance Wall Sign, Lips, Chair, Side Table and Table Frame(The Chapter Four)
Plants:  {what next} Swiss Cheese Plant - stand and Pothos Plant - stand 


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