Kiwi Bach

I was pretty excited when I saw that Kraftwork were doing a modern kiwi bach take.  As you know I am from the land of kiwis (the bird, the fruit and the people) so this was a fun job for me to do.  I even managed to put some little kiwi flavours about the place!  This bach was at Cosmopolitan but will now be at the Kraftwork mainstore.

The old style kiwi baches look nothing like this.  They were pretty basic and were made for the hot NZ summers by the beach, lakes or rivers.

This bach would be pretty 'posh' in comparison.  This is the new style and it has all the luxuries of home but in a smaller space.  You would find a bach like this in Queenstown, Wanaka or somewhere up near to Auckland.  This is a home away from home.

I decorated it up so you can see how awesome it would be as a home in SL.  Great for those of you with limited space.

Ferns:  [The Mesh Cloud] - Animated Fern with Wind Effect HUD
Kiwi:  Schadenfreude - Brown Kiwi
Water Features:  PLAAKA - WaterBowlBiotope and WaterLiliesBrickPond (The Arcade)
Marigold Planter:  shutter field - marigold pallet - nz

Lounger Set:  *CHEZ MOI* - Vintage Lounger Set (Cosmopolitan)

Lounge Set:  BAZAR - Berlin - sofa, table, plants, cabinet and rug
Kitchen Items:  {what next} - Toaster (butter), Hanne Kettle (Off-White), Colonna Cannisters, Colonna Chalkboard, Colonna Coffee Machine (white)
Pavlova:  Kaerri - Pavlova

Bedroom Set:  Sahi Designs - Homestyle Hotel Set


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