Perfect Place

I have been busy on the Best of SL Boulevard land again, setting up a beachy area.  If you have been over there you will know it is kind of a park like setting, but I decided to break all the rules and set up this sandy oasis in the middle of the land.

I have had lots of fun doing it and decorating it up so it is inviting for all the visitors.  I hope you get time to wander over as I would love some feedback.  There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the sunshine and this area I am showing you today is one of them.

I have utilised three Serenity Style sets in this photo and had fun doing it, especially with the fans, which plug into no where but just add to the look.

Beach Box, Beach Screen Divider (MadPea Summer Hunt)
Chris Summer COL.- (The Liaison Collaborative)
Vintage Fan GACHA-   White and Blue (The Project Se7en)


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