Fenced In

I love it when a plan comes together and today it did.  I had some items from different stores to blog and they all came together like notes in a symphony.  Beautiful.

The first item you can see is the Luanes walls from Serenity Style.  The one I have erected here is the Lattice Wall in Shabby texture.  You can also get the fence in flat version with three different finishes:  shabby (shown here, concrete and rust).  Great for some landscaping on your land or sim.  Wander over to Shiny Shabby to grab these.

Inside you find the gorgeous Adelaide Pool Pavilion from Trompe Loeil for the new round of Uber.  The Pavilion Pool has both PG and Adult versions. The drapes and party lights are optional and the pool has poses for 2 people with solo sits and swim poses, plus couples poses too.

Step inside, as it is a bit chilly to swim today, and you can have a seat on this bathtub sofa from Zerkalo.  It is also at Shiny Shabby and comes with PG and Adult versions.  The PG version (shown) has singles and cuddles poses.  The Adult version has singles, cuddles and adults poses included.

The shelf is from Serenity Style's Jules Fall set and you can find this and the rest of the gacha items at Whimsical.  I have also shown the Fall Fruit Basket in the last photo on this post which is part of the same set.

The lovely Vintage Writing Mannequin is from MOoH and is part of a mannequin gacha set at Twe12ve.  They make great decor items for a room and come in a whole load of textures and styles.

Or you can curl up on this Coastal Sofa from Decor Junction and Shutter Field.  It comes in MF or MM versions and has single sits and cuddles animations. It comes in rustic (shown) or white and is the perfect place to curl up in the sun alone or with someone special.  Another find at Shiny Shabby.

The Decorated Window 6 Candle Frame with Light is part of another gacha set from Serenity Style at Lootbox this time.  There are some gorgeous frames on offer and the rare is a bit special because it comes in a box that contains another 2 items.  Go see for yourself.  (Just in case you can't find it at Lootbox, go and check out the mainstore)


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