Don't you love it when you are in the shade and then you find just a little bit of light shining through and it feels so good on your skin?  Maybe it is just me but I get all cat-like when this happens.  I just want to bathe in the sun and enjoy the warmth.

This picture reminds me of that with the light streaming down in one beam through the trees.  The pose is perfect for this!  I am excited that HelaMiyo have added us to their blogging team, so you will be seeing more of these fab poses.  Yay!

Pose:  HelaMiyo - DontBreak5 (Heart Shaped Glasses Hunt - Sept 1st-Oct 1st)
Dress:  Poppy - Olaenka Dress *white* (Tres Chic)
Hair:   =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Meeya" (TC)
Shoes:  [RHUDE] - Jani Heels (TC)
Necklace:  Nord Embel'Lys  - Coeur d'Or Necklace


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