Walk Away

I thought my summer posts would be done, but then I saw this lovely Davina Summer set from dafnis and just had to show you which meant beach time again.  This set is for the 68Main event which starts on the 9th.

My neighbours did comment on my attire as I walked about on our autumn-themed land.  I am not sure they thought I had noticed the fallen leaves and chillier windlight for the land.

I also wanted to show you these fab Darcy Heels from Wicca's Wardrobe.  They are at On9 and are super chic!  Great colour choices in the hud too!  Easy to match to whatever you are wearing.  On9 also starts on the 9th.

This smexy pose is from the Trendy Girls set from Image Essentials.  I showed you one of the other poses yesterday.  Great set.  You can find this at Square 1.

Lastly, Isla hair is from Wasabi Pills and was in Fifty Linden Friday last week.  FLF this week has some new items and you may even find some extra Fall or Halloween items at each stop.


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