A Different Story

I am not sure this is the version of Alice's tale that I remember.  She looks different somehow.  She was always a tough chick, but I think a line has been crossed here and she has gone rogue.

Alice and I are both loving all the crazy hunts, events and things that go bump in the nightary that is going on at the moment.  So many things to see and buy and do and I am not sure where I will find the time.  Alice says she has a friend who she says deals in time matters but I suspect he is a bit mad so I will stick to my time.

We have so much in common, Alice and I.  We are both in lands that are not our own and every day we see things that make us question our own sanity.  She calls hers Wonderland.  I call mine SL.

Dress and Hairband:  (Del alba Creations) Alice Dress (Mad Circus)
Hair:  Opale . Camelia Hair
Shoes:  Amacci Shoe - Juno
Pose:  Image Essentials - Time for Tea (Mad Circus)

Furniture:  22769 - A night with Tim (The Guardians Event)


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