Dusting Required

Wanted:  House cleaner.  Must be good with a duster and not too concerned about ghosts.

Actually, I am not sure there are ghosts here, but there could be.  There is plenty of dust and cobwebs though so it has the vibe.

A great collection of items here in this vintage-looking room.  The house is from Sass and is called The Manor.  It is a fab build and I am loving it for a rustic style.

The rest of the items are a mix from a few sets.  They just worked well together.

Adorably Strange Wares - The Erstwhile Music Chamber - Couch -Dust, Drums, Xylophone, Banner -Black, Harp, Desk (The Gacha Life)
22769 - The Messy Witch - Gacha - The Workplace of the Witch, Candles, Row of Potions, Potion Bottles, Hanging Cabinet, The Chair of the Witch, The Magic Mirror, Witch Hat (Salem)
[CIRCA] - "Specter Hill" - Victorian Bench - Wine Damask, Area Rug - Wine Damask, Candelabra Stand R and L - Black
KraftWork - Triciclo (Fameshed)
**United InshCon** - Halloween Clock (Mad Circus)


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