Fall Camping

I think camping is truly awful.  My idea of camping is a hotel above a cafe, but perhaps if I had a setup like this when living in the outdoors, I would be more tempted.  Hmm, that is a lie.  SL camping looks way more fun that RL camping.  Less bugs, less crowds and the ability to leave my laptop and go find a bathroom with a toilet and running water.  Brilliant.

Tent, Outdoor Kettle, Fire and Blanket:  CHEZ MOI - Double Camping Tent Bon Echo (Shiny Shabby)
Wagon:  CHEZ MOI - Pumpkin Rustic Wagon (Limit8)
Crate:  [CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Sunflower Crate - Grey (Group Gift Oct'17)
Leaves:  MOoH! Leaf Pile Fall (Twe12ve)


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