Ghost Hunter

I am ready and prepped.  'Tis the season to inspect the spectres.  Respect!  Silver bullets?  Check.  Blessed water?  Check.  Stakes for staking?  Check.  Garlic bread?  Check.  By the way that last one is just in case I get peckish while out and about.  I also take a deck chair and a good book because things can get a little dull at times.

While I check out the place you can check out what I am wearing and then go grab it!

Pose:  Image Essentials - Girl Next Door b (Designer Showcase)
Outfit and Boots:  Tameless - Deadman's Party Outfit (Mad Circus)
Jewellery:  Fortuna - jewelry set Morticia (The Underdog Event Preview - will show closer up at later date.  This was just a tease.)


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