Get Cosy

Come and get your s'mores.  Hot, chocolatey, gooey s'mores!  Okay now I want some.  Okay, lots!  Nom.

This stunning Sierra S'more Station Set A (try saying that 5 times fast!) is from {what next}, of course, and you can grab it in Cream or Red with Hot Chocolate or Coffee depending on what you feel like.  Since I am a caffeine addict I went for the Coffee set.  It also serves mugs of hot chocolate or coffee, as well as dispensing ready-made s'mores to eat and marshmallow sticks for roasting. Go get this!

I teamed it up with this amazing Potted Snowy Christmas Tree from BellaRose which has twinkling lights that flicker in different colours.  I am in love with this tree already!

And once you have your coffee and 'smore, go take a seat on this Snow Covered Old Garden Set from GOOSE.  Don't worry about getting a wet butt because this is SL and you do not have those cares here.  You can go and grab this at the Tannenbaum event


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