Tucked Away

The posts are coming thick and fast at the moment because I have so much to blog and sort and do before I get rained on by winter and Christmas events.  So, I am clearing the inventory and making sure I have blogged all that needs blogging so I can start off with a clean slate, or an clean inventory as the case may be.

These GORGEOUS items from Atelier Visconti are now set out on the Best of SL Boulevard sim.  You can go and enjoy the poses in the seat and the fountain before you race over to A.V. to buy.  The Octagonal Fountain, Sunset Couch and Sunset Brazier were all at October events but should now be back in the store and ready for you to grab..  The couch also comes with a hud that you just wear and click to change the cushion textures.  Easy as that.


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