With the Candlestick in the Library

This great library build is from 22769 and is the RARE in a gacha seat at The Epiphany.  I am also showing you some of the rest of the set plus a scattering of others from Zerkalo.  They blended well together, which is awesome and they became the feature of the Halloween scene on my land.   If you need to borrow a book please do so but make sure you fill in the card on the way out...oh...and stay out of the upstairs restricted area...

22769:  My Favorite Place (The Epiphany)

[ zerkalo ] Dark Elegance - Skull w/Candle, Sofa (RARE), Treasure Chest, Cloche w/Skull, Wooden Crow, Rose Pillow, Crow Skull Pillow,  Moth Pillow, Cauldron (Shiny Shabby)


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