Helpful Hints v2


While I was unable to access SL I thought I would update the inventory cleanup post I did way back in 2012.  

I was chatting to a friend of mine in SL last week and we were discussing how much we hate inventory sorting and I showed her my old post, which she loved, so I have decided to do a V2 just in time for the holiday season where suddenly your inventory can bulge with all the advent goodies and Christmas items you grab.

NB:  I use the SL viewer, but I am sure most of these hints would work on other viewers too.


1.  Getting rid of that annoying LL Library folder - CTL ALT D to open the ADVANCED MENU, if it isn't already open. Then CTL ALT SHIFT S for the debug console, then type noInventoryLibrary (or scroll down to that on the list) in the window, and change it to TRUE.  When you relog it will all be gone!  Is roughly 2,000 items!  I was so excited when this worked!

2.  Landmarks - I have put all the LMs I use often into notecards in my Landmarks folder.  The notecards are named Clothes Stores, Hair Stores, etc.  Then I deleted ALL the unnecessary LMs from my inventory by going down to the SHOW ADDITIONAL OPTIONS icon at the bottom left of your inventory window. (Looks like a little cog).  In there you click SHOW FILTERS and this brings up another window called MY INVENTORY.  Click NONE and then put a tick in the box beside LANDMARKS.  This will now show all the LMs you have.  Then I just go through and delete them all.  You will be surprised how many this will get rid of.  See Pic below.

Selecting one item and then using ctrl to select the other items and then delete, makes it soooo easy.

3.  Notecards - I have a folder for important notecards, but the rest are pretty unnecessary.  So I use the same process I used for Landmarks to get rid of all those notecards stuck in folders.  Just tick beside the NOTECARDS in your MY INVENTORY filter box and do the same as above.  Delete the hang out of them!  

 4.  Scripts - You get lots of scripts with folders these days and you don't need them.  They are just for opening boxes etc, so they can go.  Use the process above but put the tick beside SCRIPTS.  Then go through and delete all those scripts that are taking up space!

5.  Textures - Same as above, but I will confess I like to leave pics of clothes and shoes items in the folders, so I can easily see what they are without having to try on.

6.  Delete the Demos - Do a quick inventory search for DEMO and then delete all the folders or items that are just demos and taking up space.

7.  Received Items - That folder at the bottom  of your inventory is where MP sends stuff and can often get filled with unpacked boxes.  Make sure you rez and empty any items in there that you have bought and haven't unpacked, then delete the rest.  This can often get cluttered.

8.  Objects Folder - If you are anything like me, this folder can end up a bit of a mess as everything goes there and sometimes you have unpacked them but the copy boxes end up staying in the objects folder.  If you need to check whether you have already unpacked it, just do an inventory search of the item name.  Once you have checked, delete, delete, delete!

9.  Lost Items Folder - This is where returned or lost items go to rot and so it pays to check it every now and then.  Sometimes returned items come as linked items so before you delete, check what they are as they may be a whole pile of great items.  

10.  Clothes - This is the hard part and you have to be brave to do this, but you just have to remember that SL changes so quick and those clothes that you thought were cool 2 years ago, are probably not so much now.   I have my clothes sorted into one folder called, appropriately, CLOTHES.  In there I have sorted everything into subfolders called, for example, SKIRTS, TOPS, JEANS AND LEGGINGS, DRESSES - GOWNS, DRESSES - SHORT etc.  I then use my filter option again and set the dates so that it brings up any items older than 24 months old.  Now comes the hard part: I deleted anything older than 2015.  You need to decide on a timeframe and stick with it.  You might even decide that a year is long enough...up to you.  You may also decide that all those old non-mesh items can just go.  Be ruthless.

11.  Mesh Body - If you have a mesh body then use the search option and get rid of all the clothing, shoes that are do not work with your body.  For example, if you have a Maitreya body then get rid of all the Slink or Catwa items.  No point keeping them unless you are considering a body change in the near future.  You could also get rid of any sizes that don't fit your shape.  If you are a M get rid of L, S etc.

12.  Duplicates - Sometimes you can end up with more than one of those copy items in your folders so take a look through and see if you have multiple copies.  You only need to keep one.  Be careful you don't delete the non-copy items though.  I make a habit of deleting copy items from my sim rather than taking them back into my inventory so I don't end up with a pile of the same object.


I have all my keep stuff sorted into folders.  I have folders labelled:  Accessories, Animations/Sounds/Gestures, Clothing, Home & Garden, Mesh Body, Poses, Shoes, and Skins/Body, but you may have others like games etc that you need.

These folders all have sub-folders.  For example my Hair folder has folders in it labelled:  2015, 2016, 2017 and each of these has folders inside labelled - short, long, updos, medium.  Some people use colours, but as I mostly have blonde hair, this wouldn't work for me.

My Clothing folder is similar but has folders for dresses, whole outfits, tees etc.  Shoes are High, Medium, Flat, Sneakers, Boots etc.

My Home and Garden (and Poses) folders have sub-folders that are the name of the store e.g. Trompe Loeil, What Next, Kraftwork, Nantra Poses, Image Essentials etc.

My Accessories folder has subfolders like this: 
Transport - for cars, motorbikes, boats etc
Pets - all the animal stuff I have eg horses, dogs etc.
Jewellery - Necklaces, Bracelets, Sets etc
Fun Stuff - anything else that I need a place for like piano guns (yes, I do have one)
Weapons - knives, swords, guns etc
Scarves - Summer and winter collections
Gloves - obvious

Skins/Body - sub-folders include makeup, tattoos, mesh items (ears etc), scars

Being organised and having a place for everything you keep makes it so much easier to find things and to keep track of what you use and don't.

Handy Hints

  • Multiple inventory boxes are your friend!  Open up your inventory tab then use that Additional Options gear to access the options list.  You will see Open New Inventory as an option, click that and you have two inventory boxes open.  This makes it easy because you can drag and drop from one to the other. Simple!
  • Special Characters can be handy for making sure folders stay up the top or bottom of your inventory - you can use * or ** to ensure folders float to the top.  Use ~ or ~~ if you want them at the bottom.  
  • Naming Folders - if a folder has a generic name like 'Rosemary Dress' you may wish to give it a name that is easier to find, e.g. Rosemary Red Ballgown with Gloves Hud.
  • To box or not to box - I don't tend to box and store a lot of things because I figure that if I am boxing them, do I really need them?  I used to save seasonal items, but I find that I enjoy getting new things each season, so rarely look into my Christmas box, so why save it?  Upon saying that I do box textures.  

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