Quackin' and Snowin'

Ducks.  Cute ducks.  Bunch of cute ducks.  Need I say more?

I don't, but I will.  This photo is full of awesomeness.  It not only contains adorable duckage, but it also has a rocking snowman, a pretty wall with deer (poses included), some great posts that also have poses, AND a sled ride sign that actually rezzes sleds!  Oh my!

Ducks and Pond:  Serenity Style- Purr Cute Ducks (PocketGacha)
Snowman: CHEZ MOI - Snowman Sack (Paying it Forward)
Sled Rezzer:  CHEZ MOI - Tree Sled Rezzer (Deco(c)rate)
Wall:  .:Tm:. Creation - [SnowyWall] Winter Scene (Tres Chic)
Posts:  Angelic Designs - Lilith's Den Season Snags (Winterfest)


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