Bird is Out

The bird is out and carnage is occurring in the bedroom...but not in a good way.  Okay that sentence took a turn I wasn't even expecting.  Eww,

With March on he horizon it is a great time to redecorate for spring and I am going to show you some great new items for the bedroom and some that could be for a variety of rooms.

Yes, Valentine's Day is over, but I still think the hearts work all through the year.

I shot this scene inside the Serenity Style's Le Coeur de Satine Bistro/Patisserie (Deco(c)rate).

Bed and Butterflies:  CHEZ MOI - Tuileries Bed, Butterflies Wall Decor (Deco(c)rate February)
Chair, Wall Hanging and Stool:  [USB] - My Valentine - Chair (PG), Poof, Deco (On9)
Apple Fall - Nelly the Ele, Crumpled Newspaper, Rosemary Pot, Neva's Finial Wall Sconces,  Cottage Dining Stool, Hydrangea Bunch (Sale)
Mirror:  Serenity Style- Bella .-Broken Mirror (from Bella Dream Series - Enchantment)
Rug:  22769 - Runner Rug (from Where Evil Reign set - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Letters, Jewellery Box:  [ zerkalo ] Shabby Chic Jewelry - Roses & Letters,  Jewelry Box (Deco(c)rate)


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