A Pirate's Life

I am not exactly a pirate, but I have cool piratey boots and I am standing near a boat.  Sure, it is a sunken fishing boat but I am by the sea so there we are.  Don't judge!

The outfit I am wearing is from Wicca's Wardrobe and does come with a sweater to wear under the vest but, as with most Wicca's Wardrobe items, you can choose to wear it or not.  I chose not so I can show off the tattoos as well.  The outfit is at The Clique and is actually based on the Alison character from The Breakfast Club...well with the sweater anyway.

My hair is from KoKoLoReS and is called Sia.  I am loving the messy style and you will too when you go grab it from SaNaRae

The Terry Tattoo is from Nanika and if you hurry you may be able to grab them at On9 before it closes. Run!

And, lastly, my jewellery is from Indulge Temptation.  It is the Heart Breaker Choker and the Solar Earrings.  Both of these are in the Spring Into Easter Sales.


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