Moroccan Teal

A wee touch of Morocco is just the thing for a boost of colour and CIRCA has you covered.  This gorgeous set is accompanied by some plants and this stunning rug.  How awesome is it al?

The Nahla Room Set is a real stunner and comes with loads of options:

"Exclusively at Illuminate, this is our new Moroccan styled collection with a serene, old world feel.  We spent extra attention on the texture quality, colours, construction, composition, scripting and animation menus to offer the best in a cohesive set.  Nice deep woods, cream and teal fabrics, and bronze gold metals were used for a vintage look.  Small details, like the opening cabinet doors, spinning ceiling fan, and touch candles were added for realistic effect.  As for the seating, we added top quality animations with detailed menus and a variety of choices for the ladies and gents in the single and couple positions.  The lounge bed one of the main features with it's compact design and boasting 190 positions in total.  It has an array of cuddles and kisses included for couple's to try.  Loads of decor were created to fill out the collection, including hanging lanterns, mirrors, wall art, area rugs, table drink tray, and a variety of house planters.  The plant pots have 4 textures choices each via touch menu. 

The "Nahla" Moroccan room collection is the perfect choice for rustic, vintage, or even modern room settings.  You have so many pieces to mix and match to create your own personal space, being your own creative master."

There are even other pieces I have not shown such as the Quatrefoil Mirror Trio and the Moroccan Ottoman Stool in Teal Zig, which is a plainer look than the one I am showing you.  Other than that there are also a variety of awesome rugs in different colours.  You also have the choice of the static fan, that I am showing here, or the scripted one if you would rather the realism.

The plants are also from the Nahla series and the ones you see here are from the Tropical set.

I also threw in the curtains  that are also from CIRCA. These are the "Glam Hollywood" Curtains - In Silver Velvet Scroll.  Check them out at SWANK.


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