Tea and a Book

If you could see the weather where I am now you would march yourself back to bed and curl up with a good book and make sure you have plenty of hot tea to keep you hydrated.  It is freaking freezing.  We have this thing called a 'Hoar Frost'.  It is caused by freezing fog.  If the air temperature of a fog is below 0° C then the tiny water droplets remain in a liquid form. But if they come into contact with objects such as trees and leaves they freeze, covering surfaces with rime – known as a hoar frost.  It looks stunning but it is bitter cold.

I have the fire roaring as I write this and I am about to partake in a warm cup of tea.  While I do that you can enjoy this warmer looking scene.

Bed, Chairs and Bedside Tables: * CHEZ MOI - Emma Rattan Bedroom (Cosmopolitan)
Plants:  [CIRCA] - "Lavelle" Floor Planter - Tall Slim Fern


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