Decked Out

I know I say this every few days but here is a spot to be!  The summer items flooding the scene at the moment are truly spectacular and I am going to need more land so I can have it all rezzed at the same time.

This Summer Deck Terras from GOOSE is so cool with its multi levels, lights, sunshade and awesome black volcanic-looking rocks at the back.  It is for Cosmopolitan's 6th birthday round which starts on the 2nd of July and runs until the 15.

I have decorated the deck with a few different items to show you how easy it is to get looking great.

The loungers are from Decor Junction/Shutter Field and are still at Shiny Shabby.  The colours here are green, grey and blue. 

The Tuscan planters are from Shutter Field and are the latest Group Gift.  I love the two different sizes so they can be used anywhere.

The Southsea chair set at the front is from {what next}.  It was for a round of Fifty Linden Friday a couple of weeks back, but is also made to go with a new item that Winter is working on...I will keep you updated on that.

The cute pineapple, shell and watermelon drinks are also from {what next} and these are the drink dispenser versions.  These drinks/dispensers are a free gift made especially for the SLB 15 shopping event  (Second Life celebrations for the 15th birthday!) - 18th June - 2nd July. RUN!!!

Wait...not yet.

Lastly, the journal with accessories next to the lounger are .peaches. Bae's Journal - Summer which can be bought at this week's Fifty Linden Friday.  Okay, now run!


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