Rip My Heart Out

I got all excited today as I got ready to do the photos for this post.  I realised that it is not too long until the season of BOO and I will have an excuse to scare up as much as I want.  Not that I need an excuse but it becomes more acceptable.

In the meantime I can enjoy outfits and ensembles like the one I have on today to get me through the next month or so...

Hand Accessories:  Wicca's Wardrobe - Minerva Claws (The Secret Affair - Panic at the Zoo)
Hair:  Sn@tch - Nomi Hair (Riot Vendors)
Earrings:  ::OOPS:: Inferno Tapers (The Underdog Event)
Eye Makeup:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega and Catwa Fun Makeup ~ Booty's Shiner (New Release)
Tattoo:  .epoch. applier hud - carve my heart. - rip my heart out. (Fable)
Necklace:  Changed Seasons - From Forest Fairy Outfit - Thorn Choker (Fable)
Lip Tattoo:  The Horror!~ Corpse Scars & Bruises - Dripped

Dress and Shoes:  sass [gretel] dark (Fable)
Knee Wounds:  (Enfer Sombre*) - Fleur du mal {A3}  tattoo - Applier
Poses:  Pink Insidious- Sinful and Lewd


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