Wow!  This jacket, these shorts, these boots, this necklace and this hair are awesome and they work so well together you would think they all came from the same outfit or store.  But no, they are not and I love them!

The jacket says, "I am sexy but do not mess with me!" and I like that.  I can wear what I want and do not even breathe in my vicinity.  Perfect.

Jacket:  *dafnis - Jacket - Mesh with autohide - black (MBA Fair)
Hair:  Lamb. Dream
Shorts:  :::Sn@tch - Honey Booty Shorts (Recent Release)
Necklace:  CHIMAERA - Geode Necklace (Underdog Event)
Boots:  V-Twins Bootleggerz - Raven (Fable 3 - Once Upon a Time)


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