Barn Life


Sometimes you want to live in the country and keep in with the surroundings.  If that is you then this Refurbished Barn from 22769 will be perfect for you.  The home has loads of light and has just the right amount of space for you and your wee family.

The barn is from a gacha set aptly named Countryside and comes with a whole load of great items.  It is all at this month's round of The Arcade.

Note:  The wee shed and chicken set is not part of this set.  It is one I have previously blogged from Serenity Style.

Trees:  Little Branch - Persimmon Tree{Animated}4Seasons, Lombardy Poplar{Animated}5Seasons

All the items you see here are included in the gacha set.

They also have this exclusive gacha set called Preserved Memories that goes with the Countryside set and comes with all the jars you see here.

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